Bomani Kamaria kennel

Rhodesian Ridgebacks /Loyal, affectionate, dignified, bred to guard and protect children and family, designed to hunt lions and retrieve needed objects. With high endurance and the ability to outlast humans, this dog is a strong, smart and loyal breed.


8. CACIB Irig (SRB)

Ivana Letic Pajkic, once again evaulated our female Adeze on CACIB Irig dog show.We won Excellent grade and CAC, CACIB titles with following comments:”Correct teeth,

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55. CACIB Belgrade (SRB)

We’he attended 55. CACIB Belgrade dog show with our Adaeze and won CAC title in open class.The judge was Mile Zlatanovic (SRB) who gave following

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CACIB Novi Sad (SRB)

Adaeze Bomani Kamaria, our young female won her the second Excellent, CAC, CACIB titles on CACIB Novi Sad 2014 dog show.The judge from Serbia, Zlatko

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After a while we continued to show our dogs. At the CACIB Irig 2014 we have exibited ouryoung female Adaeze Bomani Kamaria. The judge was

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CACIB Novi Sad 2013 (SRB)

On the International Dog Show Cacib Novi Sad (2013) we collected the thirdJunior Class Winner title with our young female Adaeze and qualified her for

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CAC Turija 2013 (SRB)

This weekend we attended National Dog Show in Turija – CAC Turija 2013 with our young female Adaeze.We won Excellent grade, Junior class winner title,

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